New Universe Draco June 09, 2023

Sur par 06. Juin 2023, 16:09:28

The story of heroes, friendships, and betrayals begins in the Draco Universe. The Draco Universe opens on June 9th.

In this game, every corner offers a new victory, a new loss, or unknown discoveries. The eyes of Draco; Eltanin and Rastaban, whisper the legends of war and friendship.

Remember, along with beauty and friendship, danger and enemies are hidden. Friendships are formed here, and alliances deepen, but at any moment, at an unexpected time; a small ship can initiate a great battle.

In Draco, you write your own destiny. You can be a hero or a villain. Your task is to create your own saga under the eyes of Draco. Choose your allies, be careful against your enemies, and burn your own star brightly. Welcome to Draco, the most competitive universe in the Cosmos.

Opening Date

June 9, 2023, Friday, 20:00 GMT+3.