Payment Refund and Cancellation policy​

You have a 14 day right of withdrawal, from the date you purchased the DarkMatter package. During this time period,you are able to cancel your purchase and request a refund. You can exercise your right of withdrawal by contacting "Payment Wall" within 14 days of the date of purchase.

Your withdrawal right only applies when:
- you did not received the bought DarkMatter
- you did not used the Darkmatter

Warning: refund will not be issued if the user has used the DarkMatter.

Payment Wall

This system is simple and self-explanatory.
*Note: When there is any problem using this system use the "help button" in the upper right corner
This will open the payment history. Here you can see what you have ordered
Search for the payment you need help/support with and hit the (start an inquiry). Fill in all the fields
The customer service people (payment wall) will see into the ticket and will help you now and in the future
All support in "Payment Wall" have to go through them and not via DGame.
(please note this is not someone from the DGame staff, this is the support group of "Payment Wall" itself.)