1. Accounts

The owner of the account is always the owner of the mail address which is registered in game.
An account can be used by more than one player. It’s called common account. The ones who have common account can’t own another one. They can not log in any other account. At the same time, a player who has an account can not be a partner of another account in game.
The rule of owning an account is valid for common accounts as well. So the main owner is the owner of the email address which is registered in the game account. The member who doesn’t have the registered email is supposed to accept this condition and can not claim anything on the account.
About refund of payments, refund rules are valid. If there is nothing against the refund rules, refund is made starting from the last payment, to the one who made the payment.

An account changing in universe is made by game operators. For account changings without reporting to game operators, all responsibility belongs to owner of the account.
New account owner is liable to change email address and password within 12 hours of account transfer. Administration can not be held responsible for the damage caused by not changing the informations.

2. Multiple Accounts

Every player can have only one account in the universe. If two or more accounts are on the same internet line like; sometimes, usually or constantly; that must be reported to operators of the universe.
Process of reporting to game operators must be done before the second account’s entering to game which has the same IP and game operator’s approval must be waited. You can reach the operators via Support System.
There can’t be fleet action between the accounts which have same IP and also other similarities between them are not allowed. Only exception is; account with higher point makes shipping to the account with lower point when the lower one doesn’t get upper level from higher one after shipping. Details about supportings are in the 5. rule. Direct or indirect gain from multiple accounts is cause of banning the account.
Indirect gain includes transfers via another third account. It doesn’t matter if it is from war or with transfer. Indirect gain isn’t just point based progress, it could be interpreted as providing intelligence from multiple accounts.

3. Account Keeping

It is the rule of an account’s keeping by another player. For this condition, player should report it to the game operator via support system before the keeping time.
It’s not allowed to make harmful fleet actions from account in keeping like attacks to active members, destroyings, ACS attacks etc. But, if there are attacks to loot or to destroy, keeper is allowed to transport mine or deployment to the account’s any moon or planet to defence.
Keeper can use sources for researches and building stages. In battle situations, only for defence, sources can be used for producing fleet and defence unit.
For the account keeping without reporting to game operators, if there is an attack that the account in keeping is involved, in the case of there is concrete evidence, battle may be canceled against to the account in keeping or it may be considered valid and the account in keeping gets closed for 3 days in vacation mode.

4. Attack Rules

21 attacks can be made maximum to an account in 24 hours. This rule includes moon destroying tasks either. Daily attack limit to one’s only planet or moon is 6 times. More than that is blocked automatically by the system itself. Attack limit for new formed moon after destruction of another moon at any coordinate is calculated additionally. These limits can be updated according to universe’ condition and these updates will be announced at least 24 hours in advance. Also, those numbers don’t include war reports formed after spy probe caught, therefore there is no need to punishment procedure for over limit of war numbers.

4.1 Using Spy Probe in Attacks

Making battle with more than 100 spy probes alone is not allowed and it will be blocked by the system automatically. Spy probes can be used to form debris fields up to 100. Adding probe to ACS for slowing down the fleet is not allowed. But on the other hand, it isn’t considered a rule violation when spy probe takes place in attack fleet.

4.2 Development Blocking Attacks

Coordinated attacks with alliance or other players to the same account repeatedly for 3 days is not allowed. These kind of attacks are considered as malevolent and development blocking. Development blocking attacks are evaluated when it’s made by multiple players. Limited daily attacks of just one account are not considered as development blocking attacks.

4.3 Fleet Action Time

A player can’t make fleet action to another account more than 3 hours. More than certain limits will be blocked automatically by system itself. More than 3 hours fleet action blocks relocation and vacation mode and it’s forbidden. Because of system blocks over limited attacks automatically, exception of this condition can be happened by only sequential fleet actions. Therefore, total duration of sequential fleet action is based for evaluation. Total duration is calculated according to starting time of first fleet action and finale time of last fleet action. Sequential fleet action means additional fleet action of an account to another before the existing fleet action completes the mission.

In addition to the fleet movement time rule; Purposeless and spammy fleet movements during events will not be allowed. Accounts that engage in this behavior will be penalized, depending on the number of repetitions or fleets, from warning to 3 days of account closure.

4.4 Attacks in Alliance

Players in same alliance can’t attack each other and these kind of attacks are blocked automatically by system itself. Only exception of this rule is getting fired from alliance or quiting the alliance. Dismissed player and the other ones in the alliance can’t battle in 24 hours from the quitting moment which purposes to harm any side of them. This rule doesn’t include tactical battles by quitting alliance. For violation of this rule; violator’s account gets closed in vacation mode for 3 days, battle gets canceled and damaged side gets the loss from the side which has gain from the situation. It doesn’t matter if amount of gain compensates the loss or not.

4.5 Weak-Strong Player Attack Limit

A player can launch an attack or add fleet with ACS to an attack he has launched; against another player with up to 7 times more points or up to 7 times as low. 7x point protection is always valid. Even if the update hasn't happened yet. At the beginning of each attack or during the addition of fleet via ACS, although there has not been an update yet; The system calculates the most current point of 2 players and allows or disables the attack.

5. Support of Players to Each other.

Getting unfair gain from lower pointed account to the higher one is not allowed. Also, transport out of alliance is completely blocked by system itself.
High pointed player can support low pointed alliance friend. But this support can not change the point between high pointed player and the low pointed one. It doesn’t matter if the metal coming from this support is used or not. Main thing is point difference and the metal’s value as point. Calculation for metal as point is;
1 million metal equals 0,75 points
1 million crystal equals 1,5 points
1 million deuterium equals 2,25 points.

Exceptions like sharing debris are not evaluated in this rule’s content. Additionally, supports which are completed its return in 48 hours aren’t evaluated in this rule’s content.

Necessary conditions for this violation not to require penalty;

The transferring account has to previously purchase dark matter. In addition, the resources to be transferred must have been purchased from the market before. The amount of transfer cannot exceed the resources purchased in the last month. The account to which the resources are transferred can transfer or return them to another account.

Astrogame periodically offers some or all players special offers that are more advantageous than the market page. The income obtained from these offers cannot be transferred to another account for free.

5.1 Breaking Fleet

Supporting isn’t limited with only this sample; besides sending unrequitedly source from high pointed accounts to low pointed ones, the rule includes making fleets meet for making profit by debris field by agreement. This condition is identified as breaking fleet and the ones’ account who don’t obey the rule get banned and the battle gets canceled. Therefore, when your account gets meanless suspicious attacks, report it to game operators.

5.2 Trade and Resource Sharing

Unless being in the same alliance, it’s blocked by system that players to trade with each other. In the case of exception, game operator must be informed and trade must be completed in 48 hours. For all exception cases (ACS debris sharing, transports like recycler support etc.) game operators must be informed via support system.

6. Bug (Program Error) and Using Assistive Program

Using a bug for benefit or not reporting intentionally is absolutely forbidden.
Using any program or interface between player and game (server) isn’t allowed.
Programs with bad intentions which produce information automatically to provide advantage for a group of players are not allowed as well.

7. Threats Intended For Real Life

Any kind of threats intended for real life of other players, team members, Astrogame delegates or anyone related with game service; like allusion or enounce to determine location, allusion or enounce to harm are forbidden.

Except threats intended for real life, there is no need to punishment for threats in game. Those kind of threats are evaluated as intended to game account, not to personality. If the case starts being disturbing, messages from related player can blocked via statistics page.

8. Insults And Spam

Any kind of insults, spams and messages include advertising are not allowed. The rule includes the messages by naming planets and moons.

8.1 Private Message Evaluation

Swearings, insults to family members and national values, (also allusions ) by private messages are reasons to get banned.

For slight insults and allusions punishment procedure can change according to repetition and seriousness, from warning the account to closing the account up to 2 weeks on vacation mode.

For severe insults and allusions, according to repetition and seriousness, the account can get closed on vacation mode from 3 days up to 21 days.

Because of there isn’t a list about seriousness and classification of insults and allusions, game operators decide type of insults and seriousness, and penalize. It’s the duty of game operators that giving similar punishments for similar cases.

Private messages which include provocation and imputative content are not evaluated in punishment procedure. One’s private messages can be blocked via statistics page.

Provocation messages by changing planet or moon names are not evaluated in punishment procedure either. Imputative messages by changing planet or moon names are the the only exception because they can be seen by everyone so punishment can change from warning the account to closing the account up to 2 weeks on vacation mode.

8.2 Evaluation Of Battle Comments

Compare to private messages, battle comments are evaluated more serious because they can be seen by everyone.

Swearings, insults to national values and family members and apparent allusions to another account by battle comments are reasons for the the account get banned.

For slight insults and allusions, punishment procedure can change according to repetition and seriousness, from suspending the account from battle comments to closing the account on vacation mode up to 1 week.

For severe insults and allusions, according to repetition and seriousness the account can get closed on vacation mode from 3 days up to 30 days.

Because of there isn’t a list about seriousness and classification of insults and allusions, game operators decide type of insults and seriousness, and penalize. It’s the duty of game operators that giving similar punishments for similar cases.

For the battle comments which include provocation and spam, the account gets banned from battle comments. In addition to provocation or spam comments; Abusive language and controversial comments in the battle comments will also not be allowed. Accounts that engage in this behavior will be banned from the battle comments.

Imputative battle comments are not allowed. Astrogame respects all views but the situation in question depends on guesses and guesses can be rebuted by researches. Because of the imputative battle comments can be seen by everyone, they damage the images of both the account under suspicion and Astrogame. For the cases like this, battle comment gets deleted and the account gets punished from warning the account to closing the account on vacation mode up to 2 weeks.

In the any case of imputation, you can demand searching and explanation from game operators via support system. Searching for tricks and explaining the results clearly are the duty of game operators. If there is no trick and situation includes game tactics, game operator may not explain details about results to protect other player’s informations.

For the comments include slander precisely, related comment gets deleted, and punishment procedure can change from banning the account from battle comments to closing the account permanently.

9. Language

Game operators reserve the right of exclude the players who can’t speak the language of country that game served (Turkish) or English.

10. Rule Violations

For any kind of rule violations, punishment procedure can change from warning the account to closing the account permanently. Game operators decide the type and time of punishments and they are the ones who must be connected about punishments.

11. General Terms Of Use

General terms of use and all the other rules are pieces of a whole and supportive to each other. Additionally, game operators reserve the right of excluding any player from game, site, forum, social media and the other communication channels without showing a reason.

12. Inactive Accounts

Accounts which are inactive for 21 days on vacation mode may be removed from vacation mode. Even though 21 days is the condition for removal, that process doesn’t happen often. Also, this condition is valid only for the inactive accounts. Even if an account is inactive for a long time, logging into game at shorter intervals than 21 days is an adequate reason for not getting removed from vacation mode. There is no need to exit and re-enter vacation mode after logging game. For the process of removing from vacation mode, necessary information will be announced in game at least 24 hours in advance. Inactive accounts won’t be informed before removing from vacation mode by mail or other communication channels. Only information channel is in-game announcements for this situation.

Universe accounts that are not logged the game for 75 days are permanently deleted and cannot be recovered.

13. Rule Change

Game operator reserves the right of changing rules anytime. Rule change will be announced at least 24 hours in advance. The rule which is changed will be current from the date of changing and there won’t be punishment procedure for the rule violation before changing.

Terms and Conditions

1. Membership

Registration in the game and Forum are your first steps to the use of both areas. Once registered, you may now log in and play/participate. Be sure to read and follow all rules of play. Any legal claim to membership is excluded Membership may be terminated by the deletion of the account by the owner of the account or by a request of discontinuance of play to the Administration. Membership may also be terminated by the Administration/Operator for rule violations at any time. These decisions remain exclusively to the Head Administrator/ Operator of the game. Note: Erasure of data after termination of account may not be immediate due to technical reasons. NO Player has any right nor may place demands on the tenders of the Owner/Operator of the game. All Rights to this game remain exclusively with the Owner/ Administrator-operator.

2. Contents/ Responsibility

These universes were set up for the enjoyment of all players. It is therefore, the responsibility of the Player/User to play the game in the context for which it was designed. It is also the players responsibility to report any discovered malfunction(bug), without use for personal gain to the administration. Respect of other players and administration is strongly urged. Pornographic, racist. abusive and slanderous remarks made to or regarding any player/ Administrator will be considered a violation; --- punishable by bans or termination of the abusers account.

3. Prohibited procedures

Decisions for what software is beneficial and will be used in the game is is solely made by the Owner/Administrator of Astrogame. This includes Choice advertising. Players may not use hardware/software other substances or mechanisms which can interfere with the function of the game or its web site. The user may not take any action that may cause undue stress to game play, or increased technical capacity for a personal gain. The user is not allowed to manipulate content or otherwise interfere in any way with the game. Any type of bot, script or other automated features are prohibited and will result in a ban or possible deletion The game can be played only in the browser. Even its functions should not be used to gain an unfair advantage in the game.

4. Restrictions on Use

A player may activate/use ONE account per universe. Multiple Accounts are not allowed and will be deleted without warning. The decision to allow a "multiple account" is solely that of Astrogame and /or the administrative staff of Astrogame. (Multi-Accounts will have no interaction between them.) Lockouts/Bans for breaking this rule can permanent or temporary at the discretion of Astrogame and his staff. This ban may be extended to all universes if it is deemed appropriate

5. Privacy

The Astrogame Administrative Staff reserves the right to store data (Profile) regarding the players in order to monitor compliance with the rules of the game; terms of use and applicable laws. This information will include: 1. Required information submitted by the player during application for play 2. the IPs associated with each player during the periods of usage 3. the email address given during registration and other data. In the forum, there also will be a history profile stored on registered players. This data will be only released under certain circumstances to the administrative staff of Astrogame to carry out there respective duties. Furthermore, data can be released,under certain extreme circumstances of necessity, to third parties. ( ie. legal authorities) The user/player can object to the storage of personal data at any time. However since this is the means of a legal traceable path that protect other players from real life threats by any individual player; this request could mean removal of that user/player from the game.

6. Rights of the Operator-User of the Accounts

All accounts and all their virtual objects remain in the possession and ownership of operator of Astrogame. The player does not at any time have direct ownership or other rights to any account or their parts. All rights remain with Astrogame. A transfer of exploitation or other rights to the user will take place at any time. Unauthorized sale, use, copy, distribution, reproduction or otherwise violated rights (eg on account) of the operator will be reported to authorities and prosecuted. Expressly permitted is the FREE and PERMANENT transfer of the account and the actions of its own resources in the universe: unless the transfer or the account itself is in violation of the rules of Astrogame.

7. Liability

The operator of each Astrogame universe is not liable for any damages. A liability is excluded (except for damage caused by intent or gross negligence) and all damage to life and health. In this regard, is expressly pointed out that computer games can pose significant health risks. These damages are not within the meaning nor the cause of Astrogame. Responsible use of any computer and its internet accessible gaming is strictly the liability of the player.

8. Changes to Terms

The operator reserves the right to modify these terms at any time.